Friday, November 2, 2018

Blank Sitecore with MVC renderings instead of Webforms

Sitecore has now supported and promoted the use of MVC as the rendering mechanism over Webforms for more than 3 years (probably a lot longer).

I think everyone agrees, that this is a good thing, although I loved creating sites using XSLT back in the days ;) (I might be very alone with this statement though?)

BUT why is the sample layout and renderings, which are part of a blank installation, still using Webforms??

Probably because it is not a big deal and those samples should not be used anyway. But I often use a blank site for a small test or to prove something to a customer/fellow partner or colleague. And it is annoying, that I need to create a new layout to be able to show the new Sitecore Forms in the workings for example.

So I recreated the sample renderings in MVC (only view renderings, so no compilation is needed) and you can download the package here so you don't have to do the same ;)

Download package

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